Angel Muriel Prayer

The Angel Muriel Prayer

The Angel Muriel Prayer – If you are looking for angelic guidance, praying is your best option. Prayer to Muriel has many benefits for your life. Because Muriel is the angel of unconditional love, harmony and selflessness. His name means “God’s Perfume”. Muriel mostly appears with a crown of flower. Which the angel places in the river of life. Due to the meaning of the angel’s name, people often associate his presence with a pleasant scent or fragrance.

Angel Muriel PrayerMuriel is a very powerful angel. He is your best ally in spiritual growth and learning compassion and kindness. Muriel fills your heart with the loving light of God. He inspires you to become more giving and loving toward others. To help others grow and show the kindness.

This The Angel Muriel Prayer is filled with loving energy. And it is the best way to ask for guidance from Muriel.


The Angel Muriel Prayer

Dear Muriel, Angel Of Peace,

Please Help Me To Become A Better Christian.

Wrap Me In Your Loving Wings

And Show Me What Unconditional Love Is.

Muriel Angel Of Love,

Please Teach Me How To Find Peace And Harmony.

Help Me To Be A Kinder Person,

So I Can Love And Help Those Around Me.

Dear Muriel, The Angel Of Kindness,

Show Me Your Huge Loving Heart

And Allow Me To Discover God’s Unconditional Love.”


With this Angel Muriel Prayer, you will be able to communicate directly with the angel. He will find you and he will guide you. Muriel will help you to transform your life through love and kindness. And he brings you Spiritual Healing. This beautiful angel will show you what the pure unconditional love of God is for you. Muriel will also protect you from hatred and evil. This powerful angel will guide you to a better version of you. He is also very helpful when you are stressed or overwhelmed. Muriel will bring you calmness and inner peace.

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