Angel Purah

Angel Purah

Angel Purah – also known as the angel of forgetfulness and oblivion. His other names are Puta and Poteh. Firstly, in Hebrew, the name Purah means “The Servant Of Gideon” or “Gideon’s Servant”. Purah is often seen either as a holy angel and a demonic entity.

Angel Purah – as a holy angel

Angel Purah is the divine angel of oblivion. Therefore, he helps you to forget. Sometimes, the gate to a peaceful life seems far away because of your incapability to forget. So, forgetfulness is a quality. You need forgetfulness to later forgive. Angel Purah brings oblivion. And a peaceful life, absent of bad memories. But Purah is also the angel of sleep. He can cure your sleep related problems, such as insomnia. He brings you a good night sleep. And protects you while you sleep.

Angel PurahAngel Purah – as a demonic entity

Purah is the prince of forgetfulness and oblivion. He is also a fallen angel, according to Jewish lore. This demonic angel is often invoked in necromantic rituals. Therefore, at the close of Sabbath, he is invoked in rituals of conjuring of dead spirits. Angel Purah is also often invoked to bring hopelessness to people. He can feel you with fear and a sense of absence of hope in any situation. Therefore, he takes away the feeling of being taken care of by God. He makes you feel lost and lonely. So, he is a very dangerous demon.

Purah has his own servants in Hell. And they are called Lilims. They sense people’s sorrow. When they meet a lost person, they purpose them to lessen their sorrow and help them to forget, for a favor. And that favor can be small or big. The Lilim decides what the favor should be.

Due to the huge amount of information about the demonic part of Purah, I don’t advice you to ask for his guidance. He is a wicked demon. And you should avoid him.

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