Archangel Iofiel

Archangel Iofiel

Archangel Iofiel – also known as the divine angel of law and justice. Firstly, his name means “Beauty Of God”. You also find him as Iophiel, Zophiel, Jophiel or Jofiel. He is the governor of Saturn. Archangel Iofiel is also one of the seven archangels.

Archangel Iofiel

Archangel IofielArchangel Iofiel is the divine angel of law and justice. He makes sure the the Divine Laws are respected. He brings justice into your life. Iofiel is also the angel of beauty. Therefore, he unveils us the true beauty of every creation of God. Because everything around us has its own beauty. And everything has a bit of divinity. We only have to open our eyes to see it. Archangel Iofiel also allows you to discover your inner beauty. Which is your true spirit. With his guidance, you will let it shine in divine light. Iofiel teaches you to see that you are beautiful and delicate. You are a creation of God.

Iofiel is very often mistaken with Archangel Jophiel.

Archangel Iofiel in ancient texts

In Jewish lore, Archangel Iofiel is mentioned as one of these seven archangels. But he is also the companion of Archangel Metatron. The Torah mentions Iofiel as the Prince of the Law. And it equates the archangel with Yefefiah. Who is the angel of The Torah. And the angel who thought the Kabbalah to Moses. In the Jewish lore we also find Iofiel as one of the preceptor angels. Specifically, he is the teacher of Shem, son of Noah.

As Yofiel, in Judaism, Iofiel is the prince of the Torah, and the ruler of 53 angelic legions.

Cornelius Agrippa describes Iofiel as the governor of Saturn. But, on the other hand, according to Paracelsus, Iofiel is the divine intelligence of Jupiter.

A book called “How To Distinguish Saints In Art” mentions the archangel. According to this book, Iofiel drove Adam and Eve out of Eden (Shamsiel being its guardian angel).

Another book called “The Christian Lore Of Angels” mentions Iofiel as the preceptor of Noah’s sons. Therefore, he was the celestial teacher of Shem, Ham and Japhet.

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