Archangel Orifiel

Archangel Orifiel

Archangel Orifiel – also called Oriphiel, Orifel, Orphiel, Orfiel. Firstly, his name means “Divine Cessation”. He is an archangel. But also the ruler of the order of Thrones in the 3rd Sphere. Archangel Orifiel is the ruler of the planet Saturn.

Archangel Orifiel in sacred texts

In the listing of Pope Gregory, Orifiel is one of the seven archangels. On the other hand, Cornelius Agrippa considers him the Prince of the order of Thrones. Therefore, considers Orifiel a Throne.

Archangel OrifielThe Hebrew Kabalah considers the Orifiel the angel of wilderness. Also, The Lemegeton describes Archangel Orifiel as one of the 7 governors of the world. The same text describes the archangel as the angel of the 2nd hour of the day. Who serves under Angel Anael.

Orifiel also appears on sacred talismans. On Arabic Talisman’s he is represented as an important relic. And he represents one of the planetary genii of Egypt. And he is the ruler of Saturday.

Archangel Orifiel

Archangel Orifiel is the divine angel of the wilderness. He is the angel of nature, forests and their inhabitants. He safeguards the wilderness. And every wild animal and plant. He inspires you to protect and respect nature. He is the patron of environmentalists and those who try to conserve nature.

This beautiful angel appears in uninhabited regions. You find him in hidden forests. Where you more easily connect with the vital energy of nature. Pray for his guidance when you are going camping or hiking. He inspires you to resonate with nature. And protects you from the dangers of wilderness.

The color of Orifiel is indigo. Therefore, use this color in your invocation ritual. Use indigo candles. Also, visualize an indigo light around you in your meditation. And you can also use indigo crystals such as: Indigo Blue Azurite, Lapis Lazuli or Indigo Sodalite.

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