Catholic Prayer For Addiction Recovery

Catholic Prayer For Addiction Recovery

Catholic Prayer For Addiction Recovery – Addiction is not only a sin, but it is also very hard to recovery from. The addictions have different roots. They might be the result of a person trying to escape the reality. Which seems too cruel for him. Others are “inspired” by demons to get addicted.

Catholic Prayer For Addiction RecoveryA human being can be addicted to anything. But the most common addictions are those to alcohol, drugs and pills. They help people to avoid dealing with their problems. Therefore, they are the addicted person’s escape from reality. But this Catholic Prayer For Addiction Recovery can help them to find God’s path to healing. This prayer will help them to heal and see the blessings of God in their lives.

Catholic Prayer For Addiction Recovery

Dear Lord, give your strength to (Name),

Show him Your healing power that will lead him to recovery.

Dear God of mercy, show him that life is full of joy and happiness,

Let him feel your unconditional love and caring.

Oh Lord, show compassion to (Name),

Help him recover his broken relationships with his family and friends.

Give him the strength to realize that he sinned and he needs Your forgiveness.

Dear Lord, give strength to his loved ones, family and friends,

Help them to have the power to guide (Name) through the detox period,

Allow them the strength to support him and show him their love.

Oh Lord, show (Name) your Holy Path, let him come to You anytime he feels down or lost,

Guide him through this difficult situation and show him the way to healing,

Bring him courage to find his way in life and to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ.”


This beautiful Catholic Prayer For Addiction Recovery will bring healing and love into the life of the person you care for. Therefore, say this prayer as often as you can. But you don’t have to say this exact prayer. Because a prayer is a conversation with God. Make your own conversation with Him. You know better what the addicted person needs. Ask for God’s mercy and healing power to help you loved one.

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