Guardian Angel Asmodel

Guardian Angel Asmodel

Guardian Angel Asmodel – also known as the protector of those born under the sign of Taurus. Asmodel is the angel of patience. He brings you patience when you are in a desperate situation. Also, I have to mention that Asmodel is not Asmodeus. Many people confuse these two celestial beings.

Guardian Angel Asmodel

Guardian Angel Asmodel is the governor of the month April. He is the guardian angel of everyone who was born under the astrological sign of Taurus. He brings patience into your life. Asmodel fills you with patience and inner peace. With his guidance, you will face difficult situations with patience and calm. He helps you to live your life cautiously. And to allow time to develop your plans. Asmodel shows you how patience becomes a strength. Because the time you spend waiting for something, you can spend learning. And while you wait for one plan to develop, you can think about the next step.

Guardian Angel AsmodelThis beautiful angel teaches you to be calm in annoying situations. Handle annoyance with a calm manner. If you are patient in small situations, then you will show more calmness in bigger and more difficult ones.

Guardian Angel Asmodel holds the Cosmic Love. He brings you the unconditional love of the divine. And he fills you with love for every creation of God. Asmodel will fill you with compassion, kindness and joy.

The angel of patience also brings mysterious experiences into your life. And sacred knowledge about The Universe. He brings you closer to the spiritual world. He brings you spiritual wisdom. And a great curiosity for the other worlds. Asmodel fills you with a powerful thirst for spiritual adventures. He inspires you to try spiritual courses and practices. And he brings you closer to the esoterics.

Asmodel has a physical description. Richard Webster describes Asmodel a relaxed man who wears dark green and turquoise robes. And he reads a scroll.

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