Guardian Angel Barachiel

Guardian Angel Barachiel

Guardian Angel Barachiel – also known as Baraquiel or Barakiel. His name means “God’s Blessing”. Therefore, Brachiel is the angel of blessings. He transmits our prayers to God. And asks for God’s blessings for us. Also he is one of The Angels Of The Months. More specifically, the angel of February.

Guardian Angel Barachiel

Guardian Angel BarachielGuardian Angel Barachiel is the divine angel of blessings. He brings God’s blessings into your life. He brings blessings and success into your relationships, your business or job. Barachiel is also the angel of thunder. Therefore, he protects you from accidents resulted from a thunderstorm. Also, he has a connection with electricity. So Barachiel comes in handy when you want to solve a problem linked to electricity.

Barachiel is often depicted as an angel scattering rose petals. These rose petals represent the blessings of God. Or holding a white rose to his chest. But he is also depicted with a thunder in his hand or next to him.

This beautiful angel’s colors are green and red.

Guardian Angel Barachiel in ancient texts

angel barachielThe Book Of Enoch describes Barachiel as the ruler of 496.000 Celestial Beings. Also, he is a Seraph. And he guards God’s divine throne. But he is also the ruler of every guardian angel that interacts with human beings. The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches venerate Barachiel as a saint. Catholics consider this beautiful angel the patron of family and marriage. But he also appears in Astrology. Therefore, he is the ruler of the planet Jupiter. And he is the patron of those born under the zodiacal signs Pisces and Scorpio.

His presence cam be felt in many different ways. But the main sign of his presence are rose petals. If you find rose petals on the street, that must be a sign that blessing are coming your way. Another sign could be laughter. Because Guardian Angel Barachiel‘s blessings fill you with joy (just like Archangel Haniel and Angel Ramiel) and laughter. The easiest way to prepare your spirit for his presence is to stay positive. Fill your spirit with hope that abundance is coming towards you.

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