Guardian Angel Damabiah

Guardian Angel Damabiah

Guardian Angel Damabiah – also known as the angel of wisdom. First of all, his name suggests his main purpose. Because his name means “God The Source Of Wisdom”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Damabiah is a Cherub. Therefore, his superior is Archangel Gabriel. But in Christianity, Damabiah is a simple angel the Celestial Hierarchy.

Guardian Angel Damabiah

Guardian Angel DamabiahGuardian Angel Damabiah is the protector of The Fountain Of Wisdom. Therefore, he holds the pure wisdom of God. He fills you with gentleness and goodness. Damabiah brings devotion and altruism into your life. And he fills you with generosity and detachment.

This beautiful angel brings God’s unconditional love into your heart. Damabiah has a sacred connection with water. People often call him the angel of water. Therefore, he helps you to purify your water. And he brings wisdom about programming your water. Damabiah also has connections with your emotions and feelings. Therefore, he brings balance into your emotional and mental levels. With his guidance you will pass every difficult situation. And your business will be successful and fruitful.

Guardian Angel Damabiah and his influence upon you

The days between February 10 and February 14 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Damabiah. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then your life is influenced by the angel of wisdom. So, you have a prosperous life. And you possess a great fortune. But you are also very generous. Because only spirituality can improve your life. So, you stay detached from money and any other material things. But you are very attached to your celestial guardian. He never leaves your side. And he guides you through various difficult situations.

Your life is full of success. But this success is due to your open minded personality. Also, you are attracted to everything that is mystic, occult or esoteric. You will use your fortune to spread your esoteric knowledge to others. You spend your life searching for ways to reach Spiritual Enlightenment. But you will ultimately find it with the assistance of your Guardian Angel Damabiah. Your purpose in this life is to become the servant of God. And to spread the sacred knowledge.

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