Guardian Angel Daniel

Guardian Angel Daniel

Guardian Angel Daniel – also known as the angel of eloquence. First of all, his name means “God The Merciful Judge”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Daniel is a Elohim. And his superior is Archangel Raphael. But in Christianity, Daniel is a Principality. Therefore, his superior is Archangel Haniel.

Guardian Angel Daniel

Guardian Angel DanielGuardian Angel Daniel is the divine angel of eloquence. He improves your communication skills and brings inspiration (just like Angel Anauel). He fills you with harmony, beauty and goodness. Daniel is the guardian of speakers and leaders. Therefore, he helps you with your important announcements. And he also helps you to express yourself easily. He helps you to tell someone the truth without hurting them. Daniel inspires you to always tell the truth.

This beautiful angel helps you in making a decision. And also to see a difficult situation from a distinct perspective. Angel Daniel guides speakers, musicians, singers and artists. He protects every artistic way of expressing yourself.

Guardian Angel Daniel and his influence upon you

The days between November 28 and December 02 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Daniel. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then your divine protector is the angel of eloquence. So, you are a very kind person. And filled of mercy. Your wisdom on mercy is great. You know the importance of mercy. But, most importantly, you know that showing mercy to others, requires you to show mercy for yourself first. Your guardian angel brings God’s mercy into your life.

Your celestial guardian always protects you. And he inspires you to become a great speaker. So, you always know what to say. And how to express your emotions and feelings. Therefore, you become a great inspiration for other people. In conclusion, you have a purpose in this life. To teach others the best ways of expressing themselves. Not only through speaking, but also through art. So, your abilities make you a great artist. So you will express easily all your emotions in your art. You love everything beautiful. And you will always maintain the harmony in your life and emotions.

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