Guardian Angel Dokiel

Guardian Angel Dokiel

Guardian Angel Dokiel – also known as “The Weighing Angel”. He is the angel of balance. Hie name means “Who Weighs The Dust”. Guardian Angel Dokiel keeps the balance of the world. He is depicted as always balancing and weighing.

Guardian Angel Dokiel in ancient texts

The Testament Of Abraham is the greatest source of information about this angel. He describes Dokiel as the angel “who is like the sun, holding the balance in his hand”. Therefore, he is the one who maintains the balance of the planets and other cosmic objects.

Other sources depict Dokiel, alongside with Puriel, the angels with very important responsibilities. Because they examine the soul of every human being that arrived to Heaven after death.

Guardian Angel DokielGuardian Angel Dokiel

Guardian Angel Dokiel is the divine angel of balance. Therefore, he restores and maintains the balance in your life. He brings harmony into your home. But he also has a connection with your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance. Therefore, he brings harmony into your thoughts. Bringing you a clear mind. Dokiel restores the harmony in your body. Accelerating your healing. This powerful angel also bring spiritual harmony. He is very helpful in your meditation sessions. And any other spiritual practices.

Dokiel inspires you to be happy and complete. So, pray for his guidance when you are disappointed on your life. He brings you the kick to get out of your comfort zone and change your life.

The color of this beautiful angel is magenta. Because magenta is the color of universal balance. It brings spiritual harmony. Just as Dokiel, his color inspires you to adapt a positive outlook onto your life. So, use magenta candles and objects on your altar, when you invoke Guardian Angel Dokiel. Also, visualize this color around you. So you achieve the angel’s resonance. You can also use crystals, such as: Calcite, Pink Lace Agate or Magenta Tourmaline.

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