Guardian Angel Haamiah

Guardian Angel Haamiah

Guardian Angel Haamiah – also known as the angel of rituals. Firstly, his name means “The Hope Of All That Ends On God”. In Judaism, Haamiah is a Seraph. Therefore, his supervisor is Kamael the Archangel. But Christianity considers Guardian Angel Haamiah a Virtue. So, his supervisor is Haniel the archangel.

Guardian Angel Haamiah

guardian angel haamiahGuardian Angel Haamiah is the divine angel of ceremonies, rituals and preparations. But he is also the protector of strategists and planners. Haamiah leads anybody to his highest achievements. He integrates divine rituals into your life. And he also fills you with creativity. Therefore, you will love to create things. Haamiah also brings a huge passion for cooking. And he inspires you to take care of others.

He brings harmony and peace. But he also brings beauty. And sends in and out beautiful people towards you. His celestial presence fills you with politeness and good manners towards others. Haamiah is a great ally in your transcendental meditation sessions. He is also a great exorcist. He holds the ability of dissolving violence. This beautiful angel helps with rituals of initiation. He brings a sense of adoration and respect for God.

Guardian Angel Haamiah and his influence upon you

The days between September 29 and October 03 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Haamiah. Therefore, if you were born in these days, then your divine protector is the angel of rituals. So you adore God. And you serve him well. You are a very wise person. And every knowledge you gather is important for God. Because he uses that knowledge to unify the religions on Earth. You possess a powerful intuition. With the help of this spiritual power, you will solve any problem. You love freedom. And you love to be free. Therefore, you hate possessiveness and jealousy. You fight constantly against prejudice. And also against the evil forces and those who practice the dangerous black magic. You are a true defender of The Divine.

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