Guardian Angel Habuhiah

Guardian Angel Habuhiah

Guardian Angel Habuhiah – also known as the angel of healing. First of all, his name means “The Kindest Giver God”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Habuhiah is a Cherub. Therefore, his ruler is Archangel Gabriel. But in Christianity, Habuhiah is an angel.

Guardian Angel Habuhiah

Guardian Angel HabuhiahGuardian Angel Habuhiah is the divine angel of healing. He protects all the healing methods existent in The Universe. Therefore, he holds knowledge about every healing therapy ever discovered. He is not only the protector of medical therapies. But he also protects spiritual and metaphysical treatments.

Habuhiah restores the harmony in your body. He restores your overall health. He fills you with love and respect for nature and the peace it radiates. This beautiful angel also has a strong connection with agriculture. He fertilizes the nature. So he brings great harvest to farmers. Habuhiah regulates your passion, behavior, emotions and desires. And with his guidance you can break free from addictions. But this angel also restore everything to The Divine Standards.

Guardian Angel Habuhiah and his influence upon you

The days between February 25 and February 29 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Habuhiah. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then your character is influenced by the angel of healing. So, you are always happy and in a good mood. And this good mood of your is very contagious for others. Also, you are noble and selfless in your relationship with others. And your elegant and classy personality catches others’ attention quickly. But you are very intelligent too. And you possess some great analytical abilities.

Honesty is very important for you. So, you are very honest with others. Also, you see every situation as a new chance from The Divine. Your Guardian Angel Habuhiah brings you confidence. Therefore, any bad a situation would be, you know that everything will be great at the end. You love your celestial guardian. And you keep him close to you. So, he can help you in healing others. And he guides you to the most suitable healing therapy that you will master. Your purpose in this life is clear. To heal others.

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