Guardian Angel Hahaiah

Guardian Angel Hahaiah

Guardian Angel Hahaiah – also known as the angel of Shelter. Firstly, his name means “God The Refuge”. Guardian Angel Hahaiah belongs to the Auphanims, in the Jewish culture. Therefore, he is supervised by Raziel the archangel. But in the Christian culture, he is one of the Cherubims.

Guardian Angel Hahaiah

guardian angel hahaiahGuardian Angel Hahaiah is the angel of refuge and shelter. He brings calmness and peace into your life. The angel of shelter brings harmony to end stressful situations. He teaches you the importance of meditation and solitude. This way you will learn to love yourself. And also others. He inspires you to meditate or internalize. And to seek answers to your questions within you. Also he brings a love for tidiness and order. Not only in yourself, within your thoughts. But also in your home. Hahaiah dissolves aggression. And brings peace and protection. Therefore, you get a positive energy and attitude towards your life. When you are in need of shelter for yourself and your family, this amazing angel will help you to find one.

Guardian Angel Hahaiah and his influence

The days between May 16 and May 20 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Hahaiah. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then you are influenced by the angel of shelter. So you have a very strong personality. And you are also very intelligent. You feel a huge attraction to the spiritual world. So, in time, you will experience a deep connection with your guardian angel. You a very optimistic person. Always surrounded by happiness and positive energy.

Your purpose in life is to help others to find shelter. But you are also a great friend. You know what to say to bring calm and peace to those who need it. You are always surrounded by light. Due to this powerful light and intuition, you will be a renown person in the esoteric field. Your angel will teach you how to see others’ aura. And how to read it.

Pray for Guardian Angel Hahaiah’s guidance when you are in desperate need of a shelter. He will guide you to a clean and peaceful place for your family.

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