Guardian Angel Haheuiah

Guardian Angel Haheuiah

Guardian Angel Haheuiah – also known as the angel of protection. Firstly, his name means “The Good Out Of Itself God”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Haheuiah is an Aralim. Therefore, his superviser is Archangel Zadkiel himself. But in Christianity he is a Throne.

Guardian Angel Haheuiah

guardian angel haheuiahGuardian Angel Haheuiah is a protector angel. Therefore he is the guardian of soldiers, police officers, judges and even lawyers. He sends warning signs in case of a dangerous situation. Haheuiah also protects you from the evil forces that may approach you. He brings justice. And he protects you from thieves, murderers, evil forces, bewitchment, evil spells and other harmful creatures.

Haheuiah brings sincerity into your life. Therefore, you meet more sincere and truthful people in your life. He improves your intuition. So you anticipate a dangerous situation before it even happens. Guardian Angel Haheuiah defends the Divine Justice. And he inspires us to understand and respect it. But this powerful angel also has the power to show you and repair your karma.

Guardian Angel Haheuiah and his influence upon you

The days between July 17 and July 22 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Haheuiah. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then you are influenced by the angel of protection. So, you love your family and protect them. You live close to them. Therefore, even when you get married, you still live close to your parents. They represent protection. And you feel safer close to them.

Your guardian angel endows you with great spiritual power. Also, you are a good friend. You are very mature and intelligent. And safety is important for you. You want your family to be safe. And you want your life in general to make you feel safe. Because you need safety. Therefore, you never take actions that could harm yourself or others. When you feel lost, you often try to find answers through religion. So you study many different religions. And you try to find the one that answers your questions. Also, you always defend the innocent. And help others to feel safe.

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