Guardian Angel Haziel

Guardian Angel Haziel

Guardian Angel Haziel also known as the angel of mercy and forgiveness. His name means “The Merciful God”. In the Jewish culture Haziel belongs to the choir of angels called Auphanims. Therefore, he is ruled by Archangel Raziel. But Christians consider him one of the cherubims.

guardian angel hazielGuardian Angel Haziel

Guardian Angel Haziel holds and shares The Divine Love and Mercy. He fills you with forgiveness. And he also brings reconciliation into your life. Just like Angel Zaliel. On the other hand, Haziel teaches you to have faith in others and yourself as well. Guardian Angel Haziel reminds you of the pure child that hides inside of you. But he has many other responsibilities. Therefore, he transforms the negative energy either on earth and in the heavens. So, you can pray for him to transform the negative energy hiding in your home into positive one. Haziel fills you with qualities such as courage, grace and selflessness. Also, teaching you to keep your promises and to show respect to yourself and others as well.

Guardian Angel Haziel and his influence

The days between May 01 and May 5 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Haziel. Therefore, if you were born in this period then you are influenced by the angel of mercy. You never judge others. So, you always focus on your own actions. You enjoy the protection of older people around you. They are amazed by the passion you feel for everything you do. You are a faithful friend. You feel commitment to your family and friends. As a result, they can always rely on you. You always keep your word and promises. You are passionate about spiritual practices. Therefore, your main purpose in this earthly life is to grow spiritually. Also, forgiveness is a big quality of yours. You easily teach others the real value of forgiveness.

Haziel is the great angel of mercy. If you pray for his guidance, he will teach you to forgive. He shows you God’s mercy and love. Therefore, you will re-establish the harmony in your life.

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