Guardian Angel Lauviah

Guardian Angel Lauviah

Guardian Angel Lauviah – also known as the angel of Divine Victory. Firstly, his name means “The Exalted God”. So, in the Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Lauviah belongs to the Auphanims. Therefore, he is supervised by Archangel Raziel. But in the Christian culture, he belongs to the Cherubim choir of angels.

Guardian Angel Lauviah

Guardian Angel Lauviah is the angel of victory. He brings success into your life. But he also brings goodness and kindness. He fills us all with enthusiasm and joy. Lauviah teaches you to respect God’s creations. Also, to feel compassion for everything God ever created or done. Lauviah is the patron of successful business owners. He brings success, abundance and fairness into your business. This miraculous Cherubim allows you knowledge and wisdom. So you can live in harmony with God’s Laws. He brings success into your project, actions and everyday life. And he also brings devotion into your life. So you can work with passion.

guardian angel lauviahGuardian Angel Lauviah and his influence

The days between May 11 and May 15 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Lauviah. Therefore, those who were born in this period are influenced by the angel of victory. Through your life, you gain important knowledge about the spiritual world. So you know how to communicate with the celestial world. But you also have knowledge about the astral world and its manifestation. In conclusion, your purpose in this life is to become a psychic. Your pure spirit is filled with nobility and goodness. Your spirit radiates an awesome light. That can be seen by many. You know that love can help you to achieve anything. Therefore, you believe in dreams becoming true. You were born with a huge spiritual abundance. But for the material abundance you will have to struggle.

You are a great friend and very understanding. Because you understand the true nature of our souls. Therefore, you understand sadness, love and every other emotions we battle on Earth.

Guardian Angel Lauviah can help anyone, even if the person was not born under his influence. So if you need success enthusiasm in your life, pray for his guidance. He fills you with joy and kindness.

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