Guardian Angel Manakel

Guardian Angel Manakel

Guardian Angel Manakel – also known as the angel of knowledge of good and evil. First of all, his name means “The God Who Nurtures Everything”. Also, in Judaism, Guardian Angel Manakel is one of the Cherubs. Therefore, his ruler is Archangel Gabriel. But in Christianity, he is a angel.

Guardian Angel Manakel

Guardian Angel ManakelGuardian Angel Manakel is the divine protector of the knowledge of good and evil. He brings stability into your life. And he fills you with confidence and harmony. He also takes away your fears and negative emotions. Therefore, he guides you through those negative emotions. And helps you to deeply understand them. So, you can transform them in positive ones.

Menakel helps you to create a wonderful life. He guides us with goodness, thoughtfulness and morality. With his guidance, you will find your true potential. Because your spiritual gift is deeply buried in your inner self. Menakel brings harmony between your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels of existence. He helps you to see the difference between good and evil. And he has a deep connection with dreams, daydreams and even intuition.

Guardian Angel Manakel and his influence upon you

The days between February 15 and February 19 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Manakel. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then your personality is influenced by Menakel. So, you are one of the most thoughtful and kind people on earth. And you are full of love and goodness. You character is easily lovable due to your kindness. You fight difficult situations without complain. And you never complain to others. You easily understand the difficulties. And you act properly.

You are very stubborn. But you never hurt others with your stubbornness. This temperament reflects in your energy for fighting until you win. Because you never give up. The protective wings of Menakel take away all your fears. Therefore, you are never afraid of the unknown. But you are also very careful. And you know how to listen to others. And to learn from others’ mistakes. You are very tender and caring with others. And you are not ashamed to show them how much you care.

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