Guardian Angel Mebahiah

Guardian Angel Mebahiah

Guardian Angel Mebahiah – also known as the angel of intellectual lucidity. First of all, his name means “The Eternal God”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Mebahiah is one of the Elohims. Therefore, his superior is Raphael the Archangel. But in Christianity, Mebahiah is one of the Principalities. So, his ruler is Haniel the Archangel.

Guardian Angel Mebahiah

Guardian Angel MebahiahGuardian Angel Mebahiah is the divine angel of intellectual lucidity (just like Angel Cambiel). And he brings you understanding of this world through your senses. He brings divine clarity. Mebahiah fills you with goodness and kindness. And he also brings consolation. This celestial consolation doesn’t come only from your guardian angel, but also from your understanding of a situation. Mebahiah brings you a divine sense of duty and responsibility.

Mebahiah is a powerful celestial being. He teaches you to master your emotions. And to regulate your desires. Therefore, he brings balance into your behavior and feelings. He teaches you the importance of morality. Menahiah guides you through your discovery of spiritual knowledge. He helps you to find experience and wisdom through spiritual wisdom.

Guardian Angel Mebahiah nd his influence upon you

The days between December 22 and December 26 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Mebahiah. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then your divine protector is the angel of intellectual lucidity. You are very loving and kind. And your aura radiates love. You hold love and respect either for God and his divine creations. You easily understand what happens around you. And you are very interested in spirituality. So you gather as much spiritual knowledge as you can. And you share that knowledge with love. Your curiosity for the spiritual world is huge. Therefore, you have big chances to discover most of its secrets. The spiritual world is more important for you than the material one.

You are a very religious person. And you live every day of your life in accordance to The Divine Laws. You love to help those in need. Because you love every human being. You also love your family very much. They represent one of the most important things for you. You partner will be passionate for spirituality too. And your children will continue your discover of secret spiritual knowledge. You are full of mystery. It can be seen even in your aura. Sometimes, you make yourself hardly understood. But you know your purpose in this life. To learn about spirituality and to share your sacred knowledge. And also to spread light of love everywhere.

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