Guardian Angel Mehiel

Guardian Angel Mehiel

Guardian Angel Mehiel – also known as the angel of vivification. First of all, his name means “The Vivifying God”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Mehiel is one of the Beni Elohims. And his ruler is Archangel Ariel. But in Christianity, Mehiel is one of the Archangels. Therefore, his superior is Archangel Michael.

Guardian Angel Mehiel

Guardian Angel MehielGuardian Angel Mehiel is the divine angel of vivification. He brings inspiration into your life. And he improves your imagination, understanding and intelligence. This beautiful angel is the protector of writers, bloggers and journalists. But he inspires everyone in need of creative ideas.

Mehiel is a very powerful warrior. He is a great ally in the battle against the evil forces. He brings knowledge and understanding of the spiritual world. Therefore, he helps you to deeply understand the connection between spirituality and science. Mehiel also brings wisdom as a result of different situations. Every difficult situation in your life brings experience and knowledge. This beautiful angel is the key for an intense life, full of productivity and abundance.

Guardian Angel Mehiel and his influence upon you

The days between February 05 and February 09 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Mehiel. Therefore, if you were born those days, then your life is influenced by the angel of vivification. So, you love to read, study and learn. You are very generous. And profoundly understanding. Therefore, others love to be around you. Others will admire your mature character. And they respect you because you are wise, even in your childhood. You have a gift of seeing good in everyone. Therefore, you love to help others.

You are full of vitality, optimism and enthusiasm. But you are often seen as a naive person. And this makes you really vulnerable. Your family is your first priority. You love every member of your family. And you always protect them. Difficult situations won’t break you. Because your positive energy radiates everything around you. And you are a great event planner. You are not a religious person. But you know that you have a destiny and purpose in life.

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