Guardian Angel Menadel

Guardian Angel Menadel

Guardian Angel Menadel – also known as the angel of work. Firstly, his name means “The Honorable God”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Menadel is a Seraph. Therefore, his supervisor is Archangel Kamael. But in Christianity, Menadel is one of the Virtues. So, his supervisor is Archangel Haniel.

Guardian Angel Menadel

guardian angel menadelGuardian Angel Menadel is the divine angel of work. Therefore, he can help you find the job that you truly need. He brings divine qualities such as helpfulness, altruism, vocation and cooperation. He is considered the foreman of the divine factory. Menadel helps us to adapt to certain situations or jobs. He facilitates our inner work, such as spiritual practices. With his guidance, you will find freedom in your work.

This beautiful angel helps you to understand the meaning and importance of work. He also allows us willpower. So, we can start a new job. Menadel reveals you your true potential. And he fills you with dedication. So you can work with great concentration and devotion.

Guardian Angel Menadel and his influence upon you

The days between September 18 and September 23 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Menadel. Therefore, if you were lucky enough to be born these days, then your life is influenced by the angel of work. So, you possess a great amount of willpower. Also, you are wise and self-confident. You really dedicate yourself to your work. Therefore, you are a true perfectionist. You posses great business abilities. And you will be respected for them. But you are also very optimistic. And you show a great sense of independence.

Truth and honesty are very important for you. You believe in God. But you don’t trust your religion. You posses a strong faith in God. But you are also very stubborn. Therefore, you hardly ask for help. Even if you have to ask your guardian angel for help.

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