Guardian Angel Mikael

Guardian Angel Mikael

Guardian Angel Mikael – also known as the angel of political order. First of all, his name means “The One Who Is Like God”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Mikael is a Malachim. Therefore, his superior is none other than Archangel Michael. On the other hand, in Christianity, Mikael is a Power. So, his ruler is Raphael the Archangel.

Guardian Angel Mikael

Guardian Angel MikaelGuardian Angel Mikael is the divine angel of political order and political authority. He establishes the Laws in Heaven and Earth. He protects social, spiritual and political organizations. Also, he allows you the knowledge of good and evil. With Mikael’s guidance you plan your future wisely. He leads your life, business and projects to success and abundance. But he also brings you lucidity and a great global vision. He reveals you the mysteries of the universe. And also the secrets of the spiritual world. He is a great guardian. He protects you when you travel. And he also protects you from accidents.

Mikael is a divine teacher. He fills you with qualities such as loyalty, obedience and authority. Therefore, he became the protector of presidents, ambassadors and leaders. With his guidance, you will discover your inner self. And he reveals you the true power of your own spirit.

Guardian Angel Mikael and his influence upon you

The days between October 19 and October 23 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Mikael. Therefore, if you were born these days, then your life is influenced by the angel of political order. So, you are an exceptional diplomat. And with your guardian angel’s guidance, you will become a great leader. Therefore, you run big companies easily. Because you already possess the knowledge. You hate corruption. And you will always avoid it. So, you are truthful Ans worthy. And continuously inspired by your divine protector. Your guardian angel will protect you from dangerous situation and accidents. So, you can concentrate on the purpose of your life. Which is to defend those who are innocent.

Optimism and faith radiates from you all the time. As a result, you are popular and beloved by others. You are self-confident. Also, you are full of creativity and inspiration. The light of your divine protector will surround you all your life.

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