Guardian Angel Mumiah

Guardian Angel Mumiah

Guardian Angel Mumiah – also known as the angel of endings. First of all, his name means “God The End Of The Universe”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Mumiah is one of the Cherubs. Therefore, his ruler is Gabriel The Archangel. But in Christianity, Mumiah is an angel.

Guardian Angel Mumiah

Guardian Angel MumiahGuardian Angel Mumiah is the divine angel of the end and rebirth. He brings new beginnings. And he saws the seeds of a new life. Mumiah is helpful in ending difficult projects easier. And also in beginning a new project or business.

Mumiah brings knowledge about The Laws Of Reincarnation. He announces the end of an old cycle. And the beginning of a new one too. He guides you through the transformations a new life needs. He brings knowledge and wisdom to face a new beginning. But he also brings spiritual knowledge. And leads to spiritual growth. Mumiah accompanies the dying ones. He faces them with their end. And he brings them to their rebirth.

Guardian Angel Mumiah and his influence upon you

The days between March 16 and March 20 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Mumiah. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then your personality is influenced by the angel of rebirth. So you have a powerful thirst for knowledge. The knowledge you gather will help you to discover sacred mysteries on Earth. And these discoveries will make you famous. You are constantly changing and reinventing yourself. You see the wisdom a change can brings as experience. Therefore, you love to help others to make changes for a better life.

You search constantly for the truth. This is a result of your curiosity. In this earthly life, you will face many mysterious situations. These events are often the result of your big thirst for adventure. You are a working person. Because only through hard work will you achieve your goals. You have a great sense of justice. And you love to study the laws. But you also have amazing alchemist abilities.

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