Guardian Angel Nelchael

Guardian Angel Nelchael

Guardian Angel Nelchael is the angel of learning. Firstly, his name means “The Only God”. In the Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Nelchael is an Aralim. Therefore his supervisor is Archangel Zadkiel. But in the Christian culture, Nelchael is a Throne Angel.

Guardian Angel Nelchael

guardian angel nelchaelGuardian Angel Nelchael is the angel of desire to learn. Therefore he facilitates the process of learning, studying and reading. He is your best ally as a student. And when you have to learn. He has the power to make it easier for you to learn or study. With his guidance, you will pass any test or exam with very little effort. Guardian Angel Nelchael facilitates the study of science and technology. But also geometry and even poetry. He allows you the secrets of the sacred geometry. But he holds knowledge about astronomy, mathematics and also astrology.

Nelchael guides the scientists and philosophers. He helps you to concentrate and focus on what you have to learn. But he also holds knowledge about meditation. He teaches you What Is The Purpose Of Mantra During Meditation. Nelchael answers any question. Because he holds every knowledge that ever been learned. He teaches you how to reach higher worlds. Therefore, he allows you techniques such as transcendental meditation.

Guardian Angel Nelchael and his influence upon you

The days between July 02 and July 06 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Nelchael. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then you are guided by the angel of knowledge. So, you have waste knowledge about the physical and spiritual worlds. Due to this knowledge, you easily maintain the balance between those two worlds. You are very patient. But you also keep a lot of self-control inside of you. And you are very ambitious. Therefore, you do anything to reach your ideals. You are very intelligent.

Harmony is very important for you. It has to be maintained in your family and in your daily life. Family is also very important for you. Because you tend to feel lonely, until you meet your soulmate. You also love beauty. You are able to find beauty in all the little things around you. Also you love to read ancient texts. Due to your attraction for ancient texts and knowledge, you will find many sacred knowledge about the spiritual, celestial and other realms. You have a huge purpose in this life. So, you have to unite science, art and religion. But you will not do it alone. Your guardian angel will help and protect you.

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