Guardian Angel Nithael

Guardian Angel Nithael

Guardian Angel Nithael – also known as the angel of eternal youth. First of all, his name means “God The King Of Heaven”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Nithael is one of the Elohims. Therefore, his superior is Archangel Raphael. But in Christianity, Nithael is one of the Principalities. So, his ruler is Archangel Haniel.

Guardian Angel Nithael

Guardian Angel NithaelGuardian Angel Nithael is the divine angel of rejuvenation and eternal youth. And he brings sacred knowledge about rejuvenation. He fills you with beauty, grace and refinement. And he wakes up your inner child. Therefore, he wakes up a childlike condor in your soul. And brings a young freshness into your life.

Nithael is a healing angel. Therefore, he heals emotional problems. Such as emotional scars or traumas. He helps you maintain your emotional health. Nithael brings stability into your life. And he transforms you into a warm and welcoming person. He protects every artist and those with aesthetic endowment.

Guardian Angel Nithael and his influence upon you

The days between December 17 and December 21 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Nithael. Therefore, if you were born those days, then your personality is influenced by the angel of rejuvenation. So, you are a great artist (painter, musician, writer, etc). And you are popular for your excellent reputation. You are full of confidence and virtue. These qualities help you to become a powerful leader. Also, you are very understanding and fearless.

You avoid the evil and its forces. And you become the embodiment of goodness for others. You study a lot of spirituality and metaphysics. And you are also attracted to the celestial world and its inhabitants. But you have a big faith in angels and The Divine. You are endowed with a great ability. And you easily turn your dreams into reality. You are full of energy and enthusiasm. And these qualities are important for you. Mostly, in your fight against the evil forces. Also, you are an attractive person and very beautiful. Your aura is bright and full of joy and love.

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