Guardian Angel Oriel

Guardian Angel Oriel

Guardian Angel Oriel – also known as the angel of destiny. He is the divine angel of the 10th hour of the day. You can also meet him as Auriel. And his name means “Light Of God”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Oriel is a Malachim. Therefore, his superior is Archangel Michael. But in Christianity, he is one of the powers. So, his superior is Archangel Raphael. Oriel is the governor of the zodiacal sign Scorpio.

Guardian Angel Oriel

Guardian Angel OrielGuardian Angel Oriel is the divine angel of destiny and hope. Therefore, he guides you through difficult periods of your life. He knows every human being’s destiny. So, he can easily show you your divine destiny. Oriel also knows your karma and how to get rid of it. This beautiful angel is very helpful. Not only in difficult situations. But also at times when you feel lost and without a purpose. He fills you with hope and reveals you the true purpose of your life. With his guidance, you will realize that every experience, good or bad, improves your spirit and strengthens it.

Guardian Angel Oriel in ancient texts

The Book of The Angel Raziel describe Oriel as the angel of destiny. He holds divine knowledge about the destiny and karma of every creation of God.

In The Lemegeton, Guardian Angel Oriel is the ruler of the 10th hour of the day. Also called Lamarhon. Oriel rules over 5,600 dukes. Which are divided in 10 separate orders.

Oriel is also present as an amulet. The Amulets and Talismans describe the angel as one of the 70 childbed amulets. Therefore, Oriel is one of the 70 protecting angels for children and newborn.

The Merkabah lore and The Sefer Raziel describe Oriel as one of the 70 childbirth angels. These angels protect the mother and unborn child while she is pregnant. They also help to ease the birth and to protect the newborn infant.

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