Guardian Angel Peniel

Guardian Angel Peniel

Guardian Angel Peniel – also known as the angel of gifts. His name means “Face Of God”. And he is the divine governor of Friday. Guardian Angel Peniel lives in the 3rd Heaven. Where he prepares God’s blessings for everyone.

Guardian Angel Peniel

Guardian Angel PenielGuardian Angel Peniel is the divine angel of gifts and solutions. Therefore, he brings the divine blessings from God. He fills you with the thirst of giving gifts for others. He inspires you to offer kind surprises for those in need. Guardian Angel Peniel is also very helpful in difficult situations. He promotes the learning through tough lessons. But when a lesson is just too hard for you to understand its lesson, call upon Peniel. He will bring the solution. And he will clarify the wisdom of the event.

Peniel is also the divine angel of Friday. Therefore he is the guardian angel of those born on a Friday. And he is also very helpful if you invoke him on a Friday. In your invoking ritual or meditation, you can use on your altar olive green candles and crystals such as Sapphire., Malachite, Green Aventurine or Peridot. In your meditation session, imagine that you are covered in a olive green light. And to obtain Peniel’s resonance easier, keep one of his gemstones in your palm.

Guardian Angel Peniel in ancient texts

In The Bible, Peniel angel is not mentioned namely. But it is believed that he is the angel who wrestled Jacob. But The Zohar mentions Sammael as the antagonist. The Bible, specifically The Genesis, mentions the name Peniel, but it doesn’t refer to the angel. It is the name of a land. Where God revealed himself face to face to Jacob. Hence, the meaning of the name “Face Of God”.

In Kabbalistic beliefs, Peniel is the angel of Friday. And his residence is mentioned as the 3rd Heaven.

Guardian Angel Peniel is the divine bringer of blessings and solutions. Pray for his guidance whenever you need to feel how blessed you are by God. And when you are in a desperate situation.

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