Guardian Angel Reiyel

Guardian Angel Reiyel

Guardian Angel Reiyel – also known as the angel of liberation. His name means “The Expected God”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Reiyel is one of the Chasmalims. Therefore, his supervisor is none other than Archangerl Zadkiel. But in Christianity, Reiyel is a Dominion. So his ruler is Archangel Hesediel.

Guardian Angel Reiyel

guardian angel reiyelGuardian Angel Reiyel is the liberator angel. He protects the nature, mountains and other wide open spaces. Reiyel leads you to High Summits. He protects you from the evil forces. And he can liberate you from bewitchment. He teaches you meditation and its importance. Therefore, you improve the quality of your life through meditation. And even to discover your true self. Reiyel makes you understand that you are a free creation of The Universe. This realization will change your entire life. Guardian Angel Reiyel guides you in your truth seeking journeys. And he also guides you through the attachment to the physical world. Reiyel is the angel you need when you desire to connect with your spiritual guides. He connects you with all of your spiritual guides. And he brings divine inspiration.

Guardian Angel Reiyel and his influence upon you

The days between August 13 and August 17 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Reiyel. Therefore, if you are lucky to be born in this period. Then the angel of liberation influences your life. So you are a truthful person. You cherish the truth and the truthful persons in your life. You always speak the truth. And you want the others to do the same. But you cherish peace and silence too. They are very important for you. And you seek them everyday. This thirst for peace is brought into your life by Reiyel. He will inspire you all your life. Therefore, you will learn meditation. And you will discover your pure inner self. You are enlightened enough to see the divine in yourself. And you know how divine you really are.

You appreciate justice. And you hate corruption. Your integrity drives your character. Your Guardian Angel Reiyel brings joy into your life. And he transforms your life into a great celebration. You love nature and order. Therefore, you always keep your house clean. And you decorate it with plants. These plants bring you closer to nature and it healing forces.

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