Guardian Angel Rikbiel

Guardian Angel Rikbiel

Guardian Angel Rikbiel is the ruler of the divine chariot. He is the chief of the wheels. Therefore, he is the ruler of the Cherubs. And he is a Cherubim himself. Guardian Angel Rikbiel is a very powerful angel. He is one of the most powerful celestial beings. Therefore, he is even more strong then Metatron.

Guardian Angel Rikbiel

Guardian Angel Rikbiel the divine ruler of the Thrones. He is one of the 8 crown princes of heavenly judgment. Rikbiel is the celestial superior of the wheels of Merkabah. And he is also one of the 6 rulers of the order of so called Galgallim.

Guardian Angel RikbielEnoch describes Guardian Angel Rikbiel as the high prince of the seventh heaven. Therefore, he stands above Soperiel, and many other powerful celestial beings. The prophet also describes him as the ruler of the 8 wheels of the chariot of the Throne of Glory. The throne of God has 2 wheels for every direction. And these wheels are enclosed by the four divine winds. Furthermore, Enoch describes that four rivers flow beneath every direction. And four clouds encircle them. These divine clouds are: the clouds of fire, the clouds of glowing coal, the clouds of firebrand and the clouds of Brimstone.

Rikbiel is also the ruler of the four winds of the Earth. These four winds are: Storm, Hurricane, Tempest and Gale. Therefore, he rules and masters the winds. Rikbiel is also known as the angel of winds. He protects you from winds, tornadoes and other natural phenomenons created by wind. Rikbiel finds you shelter in wind storm. And keeps you and your family safe.

Guardian Angel Rikbiel‘s color is sky blue. Therefore, you can use this color in your invoking rituals. Use sky blue candles for your altar. And visualize this color in your meditation. This color creates the resonance of Rikbiel.

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