Guardian Angel Rochel

Guardian Angel Rochel

Guardian Angel Rochel – also known as the angel of restitution. First of all, his name means “God Who Sees Everything”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Rochel is one of the Cherubs. Therefore, his ruler is Gabriel the Archangel. But in Christianity, Rochel is one of the angels.

Guardian Angel Rochel

Guardian Angel RochelGuardian Angel Rochel is the divine angel of restitution. Therefore, he grants every human being what he deserves. Also he restores lost emotions, thoughts and ideas. Rochel is also helpful when you you’ve lost certain objects. And to find stolen objects.

Rochel has a connection with inheritance and succession. Therefore, he helps you to give and/or receive and inheritance. But he also teaches you how to give away from your belongings easily. Rochel is the guide of those who study history, law and justice (just like Raguel). With his guidance you can rediscover your inner self. And he makes sure that you clean and transform your karma with your own actions and behavior. A thing that Angel Laylah can help you with also.

Guardian Angel Rochel and his influence upon you

The days between March 01 and March 05 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Rochel. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then your guardian angel is the angel of restitution. So, you have a very kind heart. You are a very dynamic person, full of energy and strength. But you mostly spend this energy on helping others. Also, you are very inventive. And you face the challenges with easy. You possess a powerful intuition too.

You are not attached to material things. Because you are more attached to new knowledge. You learn really fast. You believe in angels. And you know that they will guide you through any difficult situation. They bring you not only spiritual knowledge, but also intellectual wisdom. You are very wise. And you know that a loss in the material world represents a victory in the spiritual realm. Therefore, emotional problems don’t bring you down. And the suffering in this earthly life will bring you spiritual experience and a stronger soul.

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