Guardian Angel Samuel

Guardian Angel Samuel

Guardian Angel Samuel – also known as the angel of health. You find him also as Samuil or Semil. Firstly, his name means “Heard Of God”. Enoch describes him as Dominion. Who was sent to Earth by God. But some religions consider him an Archangel. Guardian Angel Samuel is also known as the angel of the first hour of the day, followed by: Anael, Vequaniel, Vahrmiel, Sasquiel, Saniel, Barquiel, Osmadiel, Quabriel, Oriel, Bariel and Beratiel. He has many dukes and servants under his divine command.

Guardian Angel Samuel in ancient texts

Guardian Angel SamuelSamuel, under the name Samuil, appears in Enoch II, 33. He transports Enoch to Heaven, when the prophet is still alive and in the flesh. Samuel also returns Enoch back to Earth. He does this under God’s command.

Guardian Angel Samuel

Guardian Angel Samuel is the divine angel of health. He is the patron of hospitals and alternative healing institutes. Also, he is the patron of doctors, therapists, nurses and healers. He holds the divine healing energy. Samuel is one of the most powerful healing angels. He heals physical, emotional, mental and spiritual traumas. He restores the harmony to your body. Filling you with energy and vitality.

Samuel is also the angel of rest and vacation. He brings cure to those who forget to rest. This beautiful angel shows you to importance of taking a break. With his guidance you will find the perfect vacation. He protects you and your family in your vacation. And he helps you to rest. He inspires you to enjoy your life and to recharge your batteries.

The color of Guardian Angel Samuel is light green. Use this color on your altar to invoke this powerful angel. Use light green candles. Also, visualize this color in your meditation sessions. It brings your body to the resonance of of Samuel’s healing energy. He will brings his army of healing angels to restore your health.

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