Guardian Angel Vasariah

Guardian Angel Vasariah

Guardian Angel Vasariah – also known as the angel of clemency. Firstly, his name means “The Simple God”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Vasariah belongs to the choir of angels called Chasmalims. Therefore, his ruler is Archangel Zadkiel. But in Christianity, Vasariah is one of the Dominions. So, his ruler is Archangel Hesediel.

Guardian Angel Vasariah

guardian angel vasariahGuardian Angel Vasariah is the patron of clemency. He allows you the ability to forgive others. And he also brings wisdom. So you will find solutions to your problems more easily. Vasariah is the protector of planners, philosophers, strategists. He rings benevolence, kindness, goodness and modesty. Vasariah is the helper of delinquents. Therefore, the guilty will learn the importance of ordeals. Some culture consider Vasariah the protector of judges, lawyers and even public speakers. Vasariah brings the knowledge of good and evil. He can access the Cosmic Memory. His presence in your life fills you with nobility and sense of justice.

Guardian Angel Vasariah and his influence upon you

The days between August 29 and September 02 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Vasariah. Therefore, if you were born these days, then your life is influenced by the angel of clemency. You are a pretty lovely person. You are very modest. And also very spiritual. You learn very easily. And even learning languages is very easy for you. Your awesome learning ability is a result of your great memory. Your guardian angel will inspire you continuously to seek equality in the world. Therefore, you desire to create equality between races, creeds and cultures. This becomes your life’s purpose. You are a bright public speaker. Therefore, you make yourself understood easily. And people respect and love you for your great abilities. Your sincerity and modesty captivate people’s attention. You know that the problems are missions. And your have to pass them. Only then will you really evolve.

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