Guardian Angel Yehuiah

Guardian Angel Yehuiah

Guardian Angel Yehuiah – also known as the angel of subordination. Firstly, his name means “The All Knowing God”. In Judaism,Guardian Angel Yehuiah is one of the Seraphs. Therefore, his supervisor is Archangel Kamael. But in Christianity, Yehuiah is a Virtue. So, his ruler is Archangel Haniel.

Guardian Angel Yehuiah

guardian angel yehuiahGuardian Angel Yehuiah is the divine angel of subordination to God’s Higher Order. He brings goodness and rightness into your life. He also brings team spirit into your relationships. Therefore, you will collaborate with your team members easily. When you face a difficult situation, Yehuiah helps you to analyze the situation globally. He also brings loyalty and confidence. Yehuiah gives you the courage to let go and leave dangerous confrontations. This mysterious angel brings honesty and fidelity into your love life. He helps you to find your place in the Cosmic Order. And he transforms you and others into a trustworthy person.

Guardian Angel Yehuiah and his influence upon you

The days between September 03 and September 07 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Yehuiah. Therefore, if you were born in this period then your life is influenced by the angel of loyalty. So, you are the divine defender of the angelic world. Also you are a very understanding, loving and sympathetic person. Therefore, you are a great friend.

You consider yourself a spiritual person. And your guardian angel brings you the courage to evolve your own spiritual tendencies. You are a faithful and truthful friend. You are a very mature person. So, you easily maintain the balance in your life. You concentrate easily on your projects and dreams. Also, you possess great spiritual strength. This amazing strength transforms you into the architect of God’s work.

If you need guidance in a difficult situation, pray for Guardian Angel Yehuiah. He lead truthful people towards you. He surrounds you with loyalty and honesty. With his guidance you will find your divine place in the universe.

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