Guardian Angel Yelahiah

Guardian Angel Yelahiah

Guardian Angel Yelahiah – also known as the warrior of light. First of all, his name means “The Eternal God. And in Judaism, Guardian Angel Yelahiah is one of the Malachims. Therefore, his ruler is Archangel Michael. But in Christianity, Yelahiah is a power. So his ruler is Archangel Raphael.

Guardian Angel Yelahiah

Guardian Angel YelahiahGuardian Angel Yelahiah is a divine warrior. He is not only a warrior of light, but also a karmic warrior. Therefore, he belongs to God’s Celestial Army of angels. Yelahiah is one of the best spiritual guides. Because he guides you through situations resulted from your own actions and behavior. Also, this celestial warrior makes sure that you respect the Divine Justice. Yelahiah leads your life and projects to victory. And he brings peace into your life. He also helps you to establish peace around you. This beautiful angel helps you with your karma. So you will erase every karmic debt of yours only with responsible acts. Yelahiah brings loyalty, braveness and courage. And he inspires you obey every divine law and everything right.

Guardian Angel Yelahiah and his influence upon you

The days between October 29 and November 02 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Yelahiah. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then your divine protector is the warrior angel of light. So, you love journeys and travels. Also you are very brave, courageous, intelligent and full of talent. But you really love traditions. And you continuously try to preserve everything beautiful. Everything that warms your soul. You divine protector, Yelahiah, offers you sense of safety.

You love to research historical scriptures. And you enrich your intelligence and wisdom with every book you read. And with every travel you do. You know the importance of hard work. Therefore, you will work hardly to achieve your goals. Also, your earnings are manageable. Therefore, you will never have problems with money. Your life’s purpose is to enhance the global intellect of the society. So, you will become an inspiration for others. And they will admire and respect you for your wisdom.

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