Guardian Angel Yeyaiel

Guardian Angel Yeyaiel

Guardian Angel Yeyaiel – the angel of renown and fame. Firstly, his name means “The Right Hand Of God”. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Yeyaiel is an Aralim. Therefore, he is supervised by Archangel Zadkiel. But in Christianity, He is a Throne.

Guardian Angel Yeyaiel

guardian angel yeyaielGuardian Angel Yeyaiel is the angel of celebrity, fame and renown. He spreads goodness everywhere he goes. This beautiful angel promotes goodness, therefore, he motivates you to do good to others. Guardian Angel Yeyaiel brings success to your projects. But he also brings generosity. Yeyaiel fills your life with abundance. And with the abundance comes the success and renown.

But Yeyaiel also brings fortune and wealth. Quicker than you might thing. He is the guardian of those who make scientific discoveries. Therefore, he brings success to your efforts in the domain of science. He fills you with altruism. But he is also a great guardian when you are traveling. He protects and bring success to travelers.

Guardian Angel Yeyaiel and his influence upon you

The days between July 07 and July 11 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Yeyaiel. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then you are protected by the angel of fame. So, you know the importance of change. And you know very well that everything changes around you. Nothing is permanent in this mortal life. You have a unique and exotic way of thinking. Due to this quality, you will attract many people into your life. You have a specific attitude towards goodness. Therefore, you show as much goodness towards others as you can. You hate suffering. But you hate to see others suffer more. You were born to travel. Therefore, you travel a lot. And you love to visit foreign countries. But you also love to learn about the culture of the countries that you visit.

You have some hidden psychic abilities. But you have to take time to discover them. You also have a successful personality. That will attract many people. But you are mostly attractive due to your ability to spread goodness and joy.

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