Guardian Angel Yezalel

Guardian Angel Yezalel

Guardian Angel Yezalel – also known as the angel of loyalty. Firstly, his name means “The God Who Sung Above All”. In the Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Yezalel belongs to the Auphanims. Therefore, he is supervised by Archangel Raziel. But Christians consider him one of the Cherubims.

Guardian Angel Yezalel

guardian angel yezalelGuardian Angel Yezalel is the angel of loyalty and fidelity. Hi brings into your life reconciliation and affinity. He also brings happy and joyful memories that last forever. Yezalel facilitates learning and studying. Therefore, he helps you to deal with school, courses, etc. He is also very helpful in meeting true friends. Pray for his guidance when you are in need of a friend. And he will guide you to a lovely person. You can also pray for his guidance when you need a faithful employee. Guardian Angel Yezalel brings balance between your feminine and masculine side. He also brings order and peace into your life. His presence fill you with gratitude, faithfulness and respect for the Divine Principles.

Guardian Angel Yezalel and his influence

The days between May 21 and May 25 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Yezalel. Therefore, if you were born in this period, then you are influenced by the angel of loyalty. In conclusion, you are very intelligent with a powerful memory. Hence, you understand things around you in a logical way. But you also understand the unseen, spiritual world. In your relationships with others, fidelity is the main thing you offer and expect. And you linger for unity. Your family is very important for you. And you keep it in harmony. You love to work for institutions created to defend families in need. Also, you always accept your life exactly as it is. Without complains or regrets. Your guardian angel will bring faithful friends towards you. But your main purpose in this life is to find perfect spiritual harmony.

Guardian Angel Yezalel helps you even if you were not born in his influential period. The only thing is to say a prayer. He will surround you with loyal friends. And he brings harmony, unity and faithfulness into your family.

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