Guardian Angels Of January

Guardian Angels Of January

– The 7 Guardian Angels Of Those Born In January –

January is the first month of the year. Therefore, it brings new opportunities, new events and new beginnings. January symbolizes change. It is a very important month for those who need a change. But you don’t have to go through those changes alone. The Guardian Angels Of January are there to guide you. These angels help you in different ways, dependent of their purposes. Read carefully about each of them. And decide which one can help you the most. Also, if you were born in January, then one of the Guardian Angels Of January is your own guardian angel.

Guardian Angels Of January

guardian angels of january 1Nemamiah – January 01 to January 05. It is the 57th name of God. His name means “The Lovely God”. So, Nemamiah is the angel of discernment. He holds the capacity to understand things by simply observing them. Also, he brings spiritual abilities such as foresight, intuition and the capacity for anticipation. Nemamiah inspires us to renounce to the material things and to achieve our missions.

Yeialel – January 06 to January 10. It is the 58th name of God. Firstly, his names means “The God Listening To Our Sighs”. So, Yeialel is the angel of mental force. He allows us mental power and high levels of intelligence. He brings lucidity and clairvoyance. Yeialel promotes our intellectual development. And he also helps us to master our emotions and passion.

Harahel – January 11 to January 15. The 59th name of God. So, his name means “The All Pervading God”. Harahel is the angel of intellectual richness or abundance. Therefore, he allows us the ability to access new knowledge. He emanates beauty, goodness and truth. Which radiate our entire life, in his presence. He promotes creativity and practical intelligence. Harahel helps children to become more obedient towards their parents. And to respect them.

Guardian Angels Of January

Mitzrael – January 16 to January 20. The 60th name of God. Firstly, his name means “God Liberating The Oppressed”. Mitzrael is the angel of reparations and rectifications. Therefore, he helps us to repair our mistakes. He inspires us to recognize the errors we made in the past. Mitzrael also heals mental illnesses. He reunites our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional levels.

Umabel – January 21 to January 25. The 61st name of God. So, his name means “God Above All Names Elevated”. Umabel is the angel of friendship and affinity. He helps us to penetrate our subconscious and our unconscious. So we rediscover our true self. Umabel holds knowledge about the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. He is a great ally in finding deep awareness in our meditation.

Iahhel – January 26 to January 30. It is the 62nd name of God. His name means “God The Highest Beings”. Iahhel is the angel of desire to know. He fills us with a great thirst for knowledge. Therefore he brings wisdom and a sense of respect for solitude and tranquility. He brings enlightenment. And Iahhel has the ability to help us pay our karmic debts.

Anauel – January 31 to February 04. It is the 63rd name of God. His name means “The Gentle God”. Anauel is the last one of the Guardian Angels Of January. He is the angel of unity. Therefore, he is our best ally when we face troubles in our relationships with others. He brings unity, success and communication in human relationships. He brings new ideas and concepts for abundance.

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