Prayer For Children With Special Needs

Prayer For Children With Special Needs

Prayer For Children With Special Needs – Giving birth to a special needs children is hard. Not only for the baby, but also for the family. They have to be responsible. They need love, patience and hope. Studies show that 0,14% of babies are born with Down Syndrome. And 2% of he children are diagnosed with autism. These two are the most common, but there many more disorders and illnesses that can affect a child. This Prayer For Children With Special Needs will help the recovery. It will bring strength to the child and his parents or caretakers. Saying this prayer daily, will alert the divine angels, that there is a child needing their healing love.

Prayer For Children With Special Needs

Dear God, please touch (the child’s name) with your healing hands.

Bring him/her strength to face every difficult challenges in his/her life.

Let him shower others with his/her love.

Father, please allow him to show others his beautiful and friendly personality.

Let others see his/her soul and playful character, instead of his/her disability.

Oh Lord, please help his/her parents and caretakers to raise him/her with love.

Give them the strength, patience and understanding they need.

Please fill them with hope and unconditional love.

Dear Lord, (The child’s name) is your child and he needs your love.

Send your beautiful angels to watch over him/her.

Please let them spread love and light around him/her.

Bring him/her and his/her family a beautiful life lived in faith.

Let them see and feel your healing love.”


Prayer For Children With Special NeedsThis Prayer For Children With Special Needs is just an example. Therefore, you don’t have to learn every word of it. I suggest you to take a paper and write down your own version. Think of the child and let him inspire you. Because the best prayers come from the heart. And they go straight to God.

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