Prayer For Gambling Addiction

Prayer For Gambling Addiction

Prayer For Gambling Addiction – Gambling is a very destructive addiction. It affects 5% of the adult population. Even though not all of them show a high-risk gambling addiction. This addiction, as any other, has a huge negative effect. Not only on the person himself, but also on his family. Many people with gambling addiction face financial problems which lead to conflicts and many times tragedies. This Prayer For Gambling Addiction sends a signal to the healing angels of God. They will guide your loved one through this difficult situation. They bring emotional strength and courage to move forward toward a better life.

Prayer For Gambling Addiction

“Dear Lord, please help (the person’s name) to beat his gambling addiction.

Please Lord show him the path toward a better life.

Help him, please, to rebuild his life and regain the trust of his family.

Oh, Lord, please fill him with courage and strength to say no to this destructive habit.

Please send your holy angels into his life.

Let the angels guide him through his pain and agony.

Clean him of the evil forces that drove him to gambling.

Loving Lord, please give strength also to his family.

Help them to be truly faithful and to support him in his recovery.

Please Lord, touch him with your healing hands,

So he can take the first steps toward a better life next to his loved ones.

Help him to reach full recovery from this evil addiction.”


Prayer For Gambling AddictionThis Prayer For Gambling Addiction is an example. As I always say, a prayer must come from the heart. So if you want to say a prayer for your loved one, say it with him in your heart. And say what you feel in your heart that wants to come to the surface. The angels of God hear every word of your prayer. They will take your prayer to God.

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