Prayer For Healing After Car Accident

Prayer For Healing After Car Accident

Prayer For Healing After Car Accident – Nowadays the car accidents happen more often then ever. Hundreds of people are hurt, injured and even die because of the accident. Even if they recover physically, they will face the trauma and its consequences for a lifetime. They need God’s healing love. And their family need help to support them. This Prayer For Healing After Car Accident will bring the angels closer. They will bring divine healing energy to the ill. The healing angels will help his/her recovery. They fills him/her with love, strength and hope. What everybody needs after such a huge trauma.

Prayer For Healing After Car Accident

Oh Lord, please place your healing hands on (the person’s name).

Bring him healing energy. Help his recovery physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.

Send your healing angels and let them fill his/her body and soul with your healing love.

Dear God, please bring him strength to fight for his life.

And fill him with hope, courage and love.

Bring his family the strength they need.

Let his family see him recover in your faith.

Oh Lord, please give wisdom to his doctors and nurses.

So they can help him in his recovery.

Please, God, help him to heal fully so he/she can go home to his loved ones.

Let the angels guide him through his/her recovery.

So he/she can enjoy his life next to his family.”


Prayer For Healing After Car AccidentTell this prayer, not only the bed of the person who had the accident. But also at home. Anywhere you would be, you only need a few quiet moments to repeat this Prayer For Healing After Car Accident. But don’t forget that this is only an example. Therefore, you don’t have to say it exactly as it is written. Compose your own prayer. It has to be addressed to God and his angels. And it has to end with “Amen”.

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