Prayer For Illumination

A Powerful Prayer For Illumination

Prayer For Illumination – Every Christian searches for ways to reach illumination or Spiritual Growth. But not all of them realize that it is possible only through Jesus Christ and the Words of God.

Prayer For IlluminationThe most efficient way to prepare yourself for illumination and to ask for God’s help is through prayer. Because prayer is the purest way to communicate with God. Through prayer you can tell Him your doubts, your problems and difficulties. But also through prayer you might ask for guidance and wisdom. And the prayer is the best way to show Him your gratitude.

This powerful Prayer For Illumination is a short prayer that asks for the wisdom of God’s Words. And it also asks for the assistance and guidance of Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful Prayer For Spiritual Growth.

The Prayer For Illumination:

Gracious God, since we do not live

only by bread alone, but by every

Word of Yours, make us hungry

for this Heavenly Food.

Oh Lord, let Your Words nourish

us today and until the end of our lives.

Jesus Christ, Son Of God, please

Show us the path to illumination,

Guide us and fill us with wisdom.

Oh Lord, helps us to understand

The teachings of The bible and

To find Spiritual Growth in each

and every Word of God.”


Prayer For Illumination

This Prayer For Illumination is very powerful. It lets God know that you want Him in your life. And that you need His guidance to evolve spiritually. Illumination and Spiritual Growth are the best ways to enter The Kingdom of Heaven. And only through intense prayer and a life dedicated to God will get you there.

This prayer is only an example. You can write your own prayer, if you feel that there are more things to say to God. You have to understand that prayer is not a poem. It is an honest conversation between you and The Divine. Therefore, it must come from your heart.

When you feel inspired, take a pen and a paper and write down everything you need to say and offer to God. Personalize this prayer and make it more intimate. This way it will get you closer to God. Because honesty purifies and opens your heart.

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