Prayer For Patience

A Powerful Prayer For Patience

Prayer For Patience – This beautiful and powerful Prayer For Patience is dedicated to God and His Son, Jesus Christ. It is a powerful prayer that was meant to attract patience, hope and faith in God and his guidance. This prayer fills your heart with the hope that everything will work out. And the difficult situations that you face now, will end shortly. God, His Son and his angels are near you. They take care of you. And they allow you the patience that you thirst for.

Prayer For PatienceSaying this beautiful Prayer For Patience everyday will fill you not only with patience and hope, but also with courage to give your problems to god.

And to let him take care of them. Also, it fills you with faith. That every negative situation will end well.


Prayer For Patience

The prayer goes like this:


Lord Jesus, Help Us We Pray

With Patience And Perseverance In Our Way

That We May Be Gracious In All Things

A Calm And Pleasant Person In Our Living.

Grant Us The Virtue Of Patience, Lord

When We Don’t Discern Your Will In All

With Prayer And Perseverance We Can See

Your Plans Unfold In Perfect Timing.”


Prayer For Patience

This Prayer For Patience is very powerful. It is dedicated more to Jesus Christ. And it is a prayer for patience and hope. With this prayer you show him your wish to follow God’s Rules, but it seems hard sometimes. This prayer will help you to make the right decisions in hard times. It will bring you patience when you are waiting for a change that doesn’t depend on you.

This beautiful prayer is very easy to learn. If you read it out loud a few times, then you will quickly learn it. Say this prayer as often as you can. It will not only calm you, but it will fill you with hope and faith. God cares for you and loves you.

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