Prayer For Protection Against Enemies

Prayer For Protection Against Enemies

Prayer For Protection Against Enemies – The evil forces and the wicked continuously try to harm us. And we shouldn’t forget about the wicked man and people that are driven by envy and hatred. The best way to protect yourself, is through prayer to God and His angels.

Prayer For Protection Against EnemiesThis Prayer For Protection Against Enemies is a powerful ask for help and guidance. Through this prayer you ask God for His protection. He will guide you and help you to get rid of the false people from your life. Who’s only goal is to destroy good Christians like you.

Especially now, when Christianity and Christians are in danger, this Prayer For Protection Against Enemies is important. The number of those who hate Christians is continuously growing. And being a good Christian is harder than ever. Now that the temptations are everywhere. But this prayer will protect you. And it will help you to escape the claws of the wicked.


Prayer For Protection Against Enemies

Dear Lord, I Am In Trouble

Please, Listen To My Prayer!

Oh, Lord Save Me From My Enemies!

Please, Protect Me From The Plots Of The Wicked

And From The Mobs Of The Evil Men.

Please, Lord, Protect Me From Their Cruel Words

And From Their Sharp Tongues.

Oh, Father, Don’t Allow Them

To Spread Their Shameless Lies.

Because They Destroy Others With Cowardly Slander.

Listen To My Prayer, Oh Lord.

Protect Me From All That Is Wicked And Harmful.

And Allow Me To Recognize The Evil Men

And The False Friends In My Life.

Please, Lord, Protect Me And My Loved Ones

From Every Wicked, Harmful And Evil.”


This Prayer For Protection Against Enemies is just an example. Because the prayer you say should be a conversation with God that comes from your heart. Therefore, if there are more things that you want to say, just say it. Open your heart. And give all your worries and fears to God. He will protect and guide you through any dangerous situation.

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