Prayer For Spiritual Growth

Prayer For Spiritual Growth

Prayer For Spiritual Growth – As a Christian, your main purpose in this life is to Grow Spiritually. And one of the most powerful ways to succeed is to pray to God for spiritual wisdom. This Prayer For Spiritual Growth is very powerful. It helps you to establish a powerful connection with God. It also helps you to ask for help from God. Because He is the best source of spiritual wisdom. Praying For Spiritual Growth is the most powerful Tools For Spiritual Growth. And it is essential for Christians.

Prayer For Spiritual GrowthPrayer For Spiritual Growth

Dear Lord, You gave us this life to grow in Your grace

And to increase our knowledge and understanding You and Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Dear God, help me to develop a close relationship with You

And help me to know You more with each day that passes.

Heavenly Father, help me to understand Your Words in The Bible

Show me the verses’ true meanings and lessons

So I can increase my knowledge and wisdom about You.

Dear Lord, thank You for guiding me on the path that I should follow.

And thank You for every blessing and help that You send me through The Holy Spirit.

Dear Father, help me to learn to live a life without sin

And to grow my faith in You and to live a beautiful life in Jesus Christ.”


Prayer For Spiritual Growth

This Prayer For Spiritual Growth is just an example. You don’t have to learn it word to word. Because prayer is an intimate conversation between you and God. You have to talk from your heart. Therefore, I usually recommend to use this Prayer as a pattern for your own prayer. Write down your own version. With your own necessities and gratitude. And memorize your version.

Don’t forget that prayer is not only to ask for help. But also to thank. So, make sure that your prayer also thanks God for His assistance and guidance.

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