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Recognize Archangel Michael

5 Easy Ways To Recognize

Archangel Michael

Firstly, we are surrounded by angels every day. But we often fail to feel their presence. Our intuition is important. The angels communicate with us through our intuition. To Recognize Archangel Michael around you, first, you must work on your intuition. Be aware. See the difference around you. And mostly, be open. These 5 easy ways to Recognize Archangel Michael help you to seethe small hints and signs he gives us.

recognize archangel michael5 Easy Ways To Recognize Archangel Michael:

Finding a feather – Michael is very powerful angel. He has the ability to manipulate the material world. Therefore, he can send feathers on your way. But he does that, only when he already tried to communicate with you in other ways. And your intuition was not strong enough.

Meeting people called Michael – if you are continuously meeting people with the same name as the archangel, then he is next to you. These people usually appear when you need help. Those called Michael, Michelle, or other variations, work closely with the archangel.

Hearing an inner voice – Michael is a strong archangel. He is so powerful, that he can make himself heard. But you instantly Recognize Archangel Michael, when you hear him. His voice is calm. Even in difficult situations, his voice remains calm, but not bossy. Michael’s voice is loving and compassionate.

Feeling peace – the presence of Michael fills you with peace. When he is trying to communicate with you, the feeling of peace in your life accentuates. Even if you are hearing his voice, it is filling you with peace, instead of scaring you.

Feeling safe – Another way to Recognize Archangel Michael is by a feeling of safe and sound. This amazing feeling is a result of his amazing protecting power. His main responsibility is to protect, though. He protects us from negativity and evil forces. Michael embraces us with his protecting wings. As a result, we feel protected and in deep safety.


These are the most important 5 ways to Recognize Archangel Michael. But you may see blue or purple shimmers. Or get a very clear message (written, felt, heard, etc). Or you see angel numbers such as 11:11. Either way, you have to work on your intuition. So you Recognize Archangel Michael much easier. Be aware of what is happening around. The hints are everywhere. Michael is protecting you.

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